Title:  Graduate Administrative Aid

Requisition ID:  26052

Hammond, IN, US

Date:  Nov 28, 2023

Job Summary

The Graduate Administrative Aid is a Clerical Support Professional who is currently enrolled in a graduate program in CHESS, will be offered a 10 hour per week hourly-paid stipend. Students with a .25 Graduate Assistantship (as defined by the Purdue University Graduate School Policies) are eligible to apply. The Graduate Aid (GA) is a stalwart administrative aid being hired to support the Bold to Be Bold Faculty Mentoring grant.  Roles of the GA include clerical and administrative support, general office and supportive tasks, and special projects such as research, educational programming, and event planning. The GA is supervised and reports to the PI of the project, with some tasks often delegated to be managed by the Co-PIs of the project as well as the Administrative Assistant for the Behavioral Sciences Department. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Maintain an excel sheet of all mentors and mentees and record any changes
  • Help coordinate group mentoring events
  • Prepare folders for events with appropriate materials
  • Participate and take an active role during the group mentoring event
  • Help prepare assessment survey
  • Collect and data entry of assessment survey
  • Work closely with Dr. Bhandari, other CO-PIs of the project and Administrative Assistant
  • Send out regular communication to the mentor-mentee cohort
  • Special projects as assigned and requested


  • PNW Student currently enrolled in a CHESS graduate program 

FLSA Status