Title:  Student Tutor - School City of Hammond

Requisition ID:  27433

Hammond, IN, US

Date:  Nov 21, 2023

Job Summary

The tutor promotes and develops successful K-12 reading and/or math instruction for students and performs related duties in accordance with district policies. Responsible for group and individual instruction in K-12 reading and mathematics for students. Collaborating with teachers and administration the progress or lack thereof as it relates to student achievement. Program is before and after school.


Provide a variety of situational appropriate instructional techniques and methods. Use techniques and methodologies appropriate to student abilities. Demonstrate knowledge of and ability to use research based principles of effective instruction. Organize instruction using learning objectives with clearly defined student outcomes. Employ teaching strategies congruent with planned student outcomes. Select teaching strategies emphasizing actives student involvement.


  • Develop and maintain a classroom environment conductive to effective student learning.
  • Develop, communicate and enforce expectations for student behavior and participation.
  • Communicate goals and academic expectations to students.
  • Provide students with feedback on their performance so they can take an active role in their own success.
  • Use a balance of direct instruction, guided practice and individual practice.
  • Use effective engagement strategies.
  • Use effective questioning strategies to engage students.
  • Assess progress regularly and communicate to students.
  • Maintain a cooperative relationship with all members of the school community.
  • Communicate effectively with administration, parents, staff, and students.
  • Provide timely and accurate feedback/documentation to students and parents and program supervisor.
  • Maintain appropriate records of student performance.
  • Keep administration informed through written and oral communication.


  • Current PNW Student
  • Federal Work Study Position


  • Indiana Teaching certificate or license as issued by the Indiana state department of education
  • Possess qualities of high work ethic, dedication, and accountability, and have demonstrated the ability to organize and manage

FLSA Status