Title:  PNW Student - Tutor Victory4Kidz

Requisition ID:  27811

Hobart, IN, US

Date:  Nov 12, 2023

Job Summary

The youth Reading and math Tutor will assist school-aged children with improving their reading and math skills through systematic reading/tutoring sessions conducted within the Community.

Duties and Responsibilities

Specific Duties and Responsibilities are to:

  • Tutor assists children, aged kindergarten through eighth grade in the development of reading skills and enjoyment.
  • Tutor engages in academic activities with selected students either one-on-one or with small groups.
  • Tutor will collaborate with the community agency supervisor and staff members to assess the student’s needs and how best to address them. Many of the children whom tutor works with are performing below their expected academic grade level.
  • Communicate effectively with agency supervisor and administrators
  • Tutor must commit to work at least one quarter and is encouraged to stay longer if possible. Consistent, ongoing support is necessary for the children and teachers with whom tutor works. Tutor is expected to honor the term of his/her commitment, and must give two weeks written notification to both the community agency and the university before terminating employment.
  • Tutor is required to complete the following: a) An initial program orientation, arranged by the community agency b) A general training, arranged by VicTory 4 Kids c) One reflection session per quarter, arranged by VicTory 4 Kids d) An evaluation of the program at the end of their first month, and quarterly following, arranged by the university
  • Tutor must provide his/her own transportation.
  • Unexcused and excessive absences or unsatisfactory performances will be grounds for dismissal.
  • Fill out FWS paperwork (time-sheets and evaluations) accurately and on time


  • Current PNW Student. Federal Work Study Position


  • Excellent reading and math skills and willingness to share your love of reading
  • Excellent people skills, enthusiasm for helping children, respectful attitude
  • Ability to work separately with child within a larger context of child/tutor groups
  • Creative and enthusiastic when covering lesson plans and reading selected books
  • Attention to detail regarding paperwork

FLSA Status