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Athletic Mentor- Student

Job Summary

The Athletic Department is currently looking for candidates for the position of Academic Mentor. Our Mentor Program serves as an individualized academic support program for student athletes that demonstrate significant academic needs. In conjunction with a staff of Academic Advisors, Academic Mentors assist student athletes during individualized study sessions. Study hall operates Monday through Friday from 8AM-3PM and Sunday nights from 7-9PM. Study sessions are objective based and students are given a list of tasks to complete each study session. Completion of objectives is supervised by Academic Mentors during each study session. Mentors also assist in a wide scope of academic areas but are expected to be able to do the following:

  • Assist in developing positive academic behavior.
  • Enhance academic skills such as note-taking, reviewing, studying, stages of writing, etc.  
  • Help students understand the requirements of assignments.
  • Communicate progress of student performance to Learning Specialists.


Candidates interested in this opportunity should submit a complete application including a transcript, cover letter and resume.