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Job Title:  Athletic Academic Tutor- Temp
Job Description: 

Job Summary

Purdue University Athletics welcomes all undergraduates, graduates and non- students to apply for our academic tutor position. Our tutors are carefully selected as we hold high expectations for our tutors.


Each tutor should demonstrate the following skills and behaviors:

  • Engage the student-athlete, as well as explain and demonstrate difficult course material;
  • Demonstrate professional behavior at all times---including being punctual, adequately prepared, in control, etc.;
  • Adapt to various styles of learning and modify tutoring techniques accordingly;
  • Remain ethical in their academic dealings and NEVER complete assignments for the students being tutored;
  • Under NO circumstances disclose or otherwise compromise any confidential information about the student-athlete acquired during the study session (academically related or not).


Qualifications to become an academic tutor are as follows:

  • All tutors must be at least a sophomore in good academic standing.
  • Required to have earned a B+ or higher in specific subject courses
  • Must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

All non- students must have earned an academic degree or related professional certification.

To be considered for a tutor position please attach a document(s) with the following items..

  •        A list of courses you can confidently tutor. Please list the courses as well as the course number. If you are a graduate student that did not attend Purdue as an undergraduate, please list the course titles. If you are a non-student, please list degree title.
  •        An unofficial copy of your transcript

If the above is not included you will not be considered for the position!


Pay rate is dependent upon your highest level or education completed:

  • Undergraduate: $10.50/hour
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $12.50/hour
  • Master’s Degree: $14.50/hour
  • PhD: $16/hour


Long Description

The following is a list of courses in which we are in need of tutors for the Spring 2023 term. Applicants can apply to tutor any number of courses, including those not listed below as along as requirements are met.

MA 266, 301, 362, 416, 453

FR 102

HTM 141

ECON 251

GER 201

STAT 417

MGMT 382, 41150, 413, 415

COM 102


Upload an unofficial transcript

Posting Start Date:  10/8/20