How to Apply

Applications must be submitted online (computer or mobile).

  • Prepare to apply: View our application tips section and have your documents ready to upload.
  • Browse & select job: View our open positions online.
  • Create your applicant profile: Create your profile.
  • Create job alerts: If the ideal job is not available, create job alerts to be notified when similar positions are posted. 
  • Complete application: Follow our step-by-step guides to apply online or via your mobile device.
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Detailed guides on how to submit your application:

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Application Tips

Application Tips

A resume is often the first introduction an employer has to a candidate. Having a well-crafted resume is a candidate’s opportunity to make a great first impression and secure an interview. A resume outlines a candidate’s unique skills, work experience, education, and other qualifications. 

  • Resumes: Clear and Concise

    • Resumes should be clear, concise, and accurate. (Consider using an easy-to-read font type and size)
    • Resumes do not include pictures or personal information (i.e., age or citizenship)
    • Always proofread resumes for spelling and grammar before uploading
  • Resumes: Skill Specific

    Resumes should include contact information, educational accomplishments, professional experiences, relevant professional certifications, and licenses.

    • Consider adding related organizational or volunteer work
    • Use action verbs to describe professional experiences (i.e., Create reports using Excel)
    • Be specific about skills and metrics (i.e., Create pivot tables in excel)

Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Job interviews are a critical step in the application process. They give candidates an opportunity to discuss their skills and experiences, and allow them to learn more about the role. The interview should help determine if the candidate and the role/department are a good fit.

  • Phone and Virtual Interview

    • Research and familiarize yourself with the position/department
    • Find a quiet space with little distractions for phone and virtual interviews - watch this video for more tips.
    • Check and test technical equipment
    • Prepare answers to sample questions and consider questions you want to ask the interviewer
  • In-person and Panel Interview

    • Plan ahead and know how to get to the building and parking (Visitor Parking website; Campus Map website)
    • Dress professionally and be aware of your body language
    • Learn who will be part of the panel, consider bringing extra resumes for their review
    • Engage with all interviewers and try to learn their names
    • Take notes
  • Interview Process

    Each area is different, but typically the interview process starts with phone screening before moving on to in-person interviews. Purdue uses behavioral-based questions in order to learn more about your skills and experiences. 

    Consider using the STAR method when answering questions to focus on real situations, tasks, actions and results.

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