Development Opportunities

Purdue faculty and staff have access to an online training catalog that will help employees build skills that are directly related to their current role, or learn specialized knowledge and gain experiences that will help with future career goals.  By providing opportunities for growth and development, our employees can improve the quality of their  work experience and develop to their full potential.

Joining the Purdue workforce creates endless opportunities for your career.  We provide a wide variety of career paths.  Our career path tool  allows employees to explore the jobs within the job family structure. By simply searching by career stream, job family, sub family, or keyword, employees can see the various opportunities and alternative paths available to them.

The successful candidate for this role will receive training and assist in all phases of the fire and life safety systems, maintenance and repair. Inspect, recharge and repair both fixed and portable fire suppression systems per recognized standards. Support campus construction and renovation projects through inspection and maintenance of life safety systems. 


Employee Testimonials

The most rewarding part of my job is the feeling that I get when my team pulls off a project and makes it look easy. For example, there are a lot of moving parts and coordination involved with executing a project like the State Street Redevelopment Project. We’re impacting campus in a way that I don’t believe it has ever been impacted before. Of course there have been challenges associated with the project, but overall, its moving forward successfully. 

~Kristi Brown, Project Manager

I chose to interview at Purdue University in 2007 because of the type of work I would be doing with student organizations.  I’ve chosen to stay at Purdue University because we have great students, I have been able to work alongside and create with great staff and faculty, and this is an institution that strives to be the best at what it does.  Taking the next step to interview and ultimately gain the promotion has meant being able to expand on the work our team has started.  

~ Martia Brawner King, Director of Student Involvement Student Activities and Organizations

The group that I manage is charged with ensuring that the utility services (electricity, water, steam, and chilled water) used on campus, are delivered to end-users safely and reliably. I work to develop strategies that allow for more efficient and effective delivery of utilities to campus as well, as well as respond to upset conditions determine root cause and triage solutions while minimizing the impact to campus customers.

~ Malcom Drane, Senior Manager Utilities Distribution Systems within Energy and Utilities