Boilermakers are a family that embodies integrity through the practice of honesty, humility, and accountability. We are a unified community that respects each other by embracing diversity, promoting inclusion, and encouraging freedom of thought and speech. We are innovators discovering new ideas and solutions that will foster a positive global impact.

    We are determined to build ourselves and our community, always One Brick Higher. We are ever grateful ever true, WE are ONE PURDUE.



    President Mitch Daniels honored Purdue custodian Carol Burke with the One Brick Higher Award for her key role in ensuring that a student received vital assistance during a time of need.

    The One Brick Higher Award is a special honor at Purdue. It is presented to faculty, staff and students who go beyond the requirements of their role to improve the lives of those around them, increase the effectiveness of the workplace and/or prevent or solve problems. It is given to those who undertake their work with extra vitality, extra care, extra creativity and extraordinary effort.


    Joint awardees Levon Esters, Associate Professor, Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication, and Neil Knobloch, Professor, Department of Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication and Venetria Patton, Professor and Head of the School of Interdisciplinary Studies in the College of Liberal Arts

    The Violet Haas Award recognizes individuals, programs or departments at Purdue that have facilitated the advancement of women in hiring, promotion, education and salary, or have enhanced a positive professional climate for women at the University.


    Darshini Render, whose skills in mentoring, teaching and planning have strengthened many students' drive for success at Purdue, accepted the APSAC Excellence Award. Render, who is assistant director of student success in the College of Engineering, has exhibited exceptional awareness of what a student needs and how to help the student acquire that insight or skill, her supporters say.

    The award, bestowed by the Administrative and Professional Staff Advisory Committee, seeks to honor initiative, example, service and performance as well as activity as University ambassador.


    Antonia “Toni” Munguia, director of recruiting, retention and diversity, was named a Purdue University Martin Luther King Jr. Dreamer Award recipient for 2019. “She helps people feel warm and that this is a place of possibility,” Johnson said. “That combination of competency and compassion, and her ability to mobilize and connect, are things that make Toni very special. We are so pleased that Toni is a 2019 Dreamer Award recipient.”

    The award is presented annually to individuals or organizations within the Purdue community whose contributions embody Dr. King’s vision of service to others and furthers the University’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.