Frequently Asked Questions

As an applicant, you may have some questions about the employment process. Below are some of the more frequently asked questions from applicants:

Q. How do I apply?
A. If you are not currently a Purdue employee, you can search jobs at Current Purdue employees must apply for jobs in SuccessFactors by selecting “Careers” from the home drop-down menu.

Q. Need additional assistance?
A. External Applicant Quick Reference Guide:
Internal Applicant Quick Reference Guide:

Q. Do the minimum requirements need to be on my application/resume?
A. Yes, in order for an applicant to be considered for a position, the minimum requirements MUST be listed on the resume or application. Simply answering the prescreening questions is not enough.

Q. How do I know if I need visa sponsorship for employment?
A. Please refer to  if you have questions on whether you need visa sponsorship.

Q. How do I prepare and submit an application if I do not have my own computer?
A. If you need to access a computer, please visit one of the following locations:

Tippecanoe County Public Library
627 South St.
Lafayette, IN 47901

Klondike Branch Library
3062 Lindberg Road
West Lafayette, IN 47906

West Lafayette Public Library
208 W. Columbia
West Lafayette, IN

820 Park East Blvd.
Lafayette, IN 47905

Q. Do I need to submit a cover letter with my resume?
A. You are not required to submit a cover letter unless the posting details state it is required.

Q. How do I address my cover letter?
A. "To Whom It May Concern"

Q. Do I have to have a special type of resume?
A. We recommend using a resume that lists your work history in reverse chronological order (most recent job at the top). Be sure to include job duties and the dates (month and year) that you worked. For more help, review our How to Apply webpage.

Q. I always keep my resume to one page. How can I be detailed when I do that?
A. While it is recommended that you keep your resume concise, it is important to remember not to sell yourself short. Your resume is the first contact with Purdue's Talent Acquisition Team, and the resume provides us with the details of your career history. Having a two- or three-page resume is acceptable as long as the information is relevant to the types of positions for which you are applying. For more help, review our How to Apply webpage.

Q. How do I sign up for job alerts?
A. Check out our instruction video here:

Q. Can I update my application?
A. Once you have submitted a completed application, you may make edits to your application.

Q. I applied for a specific position(s) online. Can you tell me what my status is on that position(s) and/or if my resume has been forwarded to the hiring supervisor?
A. No. Due to the amount of applicants per year we are unable to provide this information to applicants. After your application and resume have been received, they are reviewed by our Talent Acquisition Team. If you meet the minimum requirements, your resume will be considered. All candidates will be notified of their status at the end of the search.

Q. How long are jobs advertised?
A. Each position is advertised online for a minimum of five (5) business days. After that time, it may be removed at the department's discretion. Please note that positions are posted as they become available so new ones can appear online at any time.

Q. When a position I was interested in is no longer on the website does this mean it has been filled? How do I find out when a position is filled?
A. We remove jobs from the website when a hiring supervisor notifies us that the position is filled, canceled, or there are enough qualified resumes to review in the pool.

Q. Does the "computer" screen out my resume?
A. No. Each time you apply for a position, a Talent Acquisition Team member will review your resume and verify that you meet the minimum requirements for the position.

Q. I spoke with a hiring supervisor for a position that I applied for. He did not receive my resume. Can you tell me why?
A. Please do not contact the hiring supervisor directly. Neither the hiring supervisor nor the Talent Acquisition Team are able to provide specific details to applicants about vacancies. If you meet the minimum requirements, your resume will be considered.

Q. Does Purdue University offer internships or summer employment?
A. Yes, but these positions are not posted by Human Resources. If you are seeking an internship or summer employment in a specific area, you should contact the department directly to inquire about positions they have available. The Division of Financial Aid and the Center for Career Opportunities are also good resources for internships or summer employment.