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Athletic Academic Tutor- Student

Job Summary

Purdue University Athletics welcomes all undergraduates, graduates and non- students to apply for our academic tutor position. Our tutors are carefully selected for each student athlete in need. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

Qualifications to become an academic tutor are as follows:

·         All tutors must be at least a sophomore in good academic standing.

·         Required to have earned a B+ or higher in specific subject courses

·         Must have a 3.0 or higher cumulative GPA

.         All non- students must have earned an academic degree or related professional certification

To be considered for a tutor position please attach a document with the following items..

·         A list of courses you can confidently tutor. Please list the courses as well as the course number. If you are a graduate student that did not attend Purdue as an undergraduate, please list the course titles. If you are a non-student, please list degree title.

·         An unofficial copy of your transcript

The goal of our tutor program is for our student athletes to achieve the academic success both in the classroom and within their respective sports. This cannot be done without the help of our tutors.


Pay rate is dependent upon your highest level or education completed:

  • Undergraduate: $8.50/hour
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $10.50/hour
  • Master’s Degree: $12.50/hour
  • PhD: $14.50/hour
Courses Needed

The following is a list of courses in which we are in need of tutors for the Fall 2019 term. Applicants can apply to tutor any number of courses, including those not listed below.

AGEC- all courses

ANTH 210

AT 103, 249, 338

CNIT 344

CSR 332

CHM 372

COM 204

ECE 270, 30411, 321


ENGT 181

ENTM 105

HK- 258, 445

HORT 306

ITAL 101

MA 351

MET 230, 245

MGMT- 200, 201, 304, 382, 411, 415, 472

MUS 161

OBHR 330


STAT 305, 420

TLI- 436

Upload an unofficial transcript and courses