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Student Service - HTM 302 intern

Job Summary

The internship program offers hospitality students interested in Catering and Events a hands-on experience in several aspects of the field.  The intern will rotate through event sales, event set-up, food production, catering operations, and beverage operations.  In each department, the intern will have the opportunity to act in all levels - from the front line to the employee manager.  The program will culminate with a final project during which the intern will handle an event from initial phone call through service. The internship provides a minimum of 320 hours of hospitality work experience in catering service. Uses good judgment when making decisions.


Catering Operations

Attend new server orientation and complete three on-the-job training shifts with a student trainer.  Work as a server to learn different service style for each event type both on and off-premise.  Participate in set-up and service of refreshment drops on- and off-premise while focusing on timing and service differences between a waited function and a refreshment drop.  Learn basic forecasting/ordering of paper and dry goods.  Assist with month-end inventory if possible.  Train and work as a catering captain.  Learn event supervision skills including interaction with the contact, direction of staff, planning and flow of event service and appropriate closing.  Focus on safe and sanitary practices.  Shadow Banquet Coordinators to learn multi-event supervision and balancing responsibilities.  Shadow management staff to see administrative functions associated with running a catering department.


Event Sales

Experience front line customer interaction- reception desk, phones, basic office protocol.  Participate in taking room reservations and set-up information including distribution of pertinent information.  Train and practice all aspects of event sales including building customer relationships, planning details, and completing post-event activities such as billing and follow-up.


Event Set-Up

Work with AM event set-up staff setting and tearing down rooms.  Proof, print, and distribute event schedules.  Shadow administrator/verify event set-ups.  Work with PM event set-up staff to ascertain the differences in say and evening shifts.


Beverage Operations

Train in bartending procedures and bar set up and work beverage event while shadowing a bartender captain.  Shadow manager to learn scheduling and ordering procedures as well as inventory control along with security measures (i.e. Req. sheets and multiple forms of documentation for each vent.)  Work with manager/coordinator to oversee multiple events.


Culinary Operations

Experience daily operations in each segment of culinary production- range, pantry and bakeshop.  Work with catering chef to learn production forecasting methods and responding to special requests mid-event.

FLSA Status

Nearest Major Market: Lafayette