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Job Summary

Research opportunity in computational neuroscience and informatics. 


The Purdue researchers involved in the NIH-funded SPARC program are looking for a student with a strong background in informatics and statistics.  The SPARC program (Stimulating Peripheral Activity to Relieve Condition) aims to transform the understanding of nerve-organ interactions and provide the knowledge required to implement the neuromodulation approaches for the treatment of various diseases and conditions.  The projecdt involves informatics (data wrangling and data curation), statistical data analysis (including spatial statistics), as well as data-processing application development. 


We are searching for a self-motivated individual who can work without continuous supervision in a task-oriented environment.  Your role wiould be to implement existing statistical analyses of neuroscience and neuroanatomy data, prepare web-interfaced applications for performing routine data analysis duties, and package the resultant analytical toolkit in a Docker container.  No previous experience with neuroanatomy or neuroscience is expected, although an interest in biology in geneal and neuroscience, in partiacular, is highly welcome!


Preferred skills include a high-level of proficiency in the use of the following tools:


  • R-language for scientific computing (including Spatstat library for spatial analysis, and Shiny library for web-based application development)
  • Python (including relevant scientific libraries such as Pandas, scikit-image, NumPy, PyTorch, etc.).
  • Docker tools for operating-system-level virtualization
  • Jupyter environment (Jupyter notebook, Jupyter lab)
  • ImageJ or other image processing packages/toolkits


We expect:


  • Solid statistical and data-analytical skills
  • Commitment to the timely progression of application development and attention to detail in the implementation process
  • Exceptional time-management and prioritization skills, and the ability to balance this position with school requirements


Hours: 10-20/wk, undergrads and grads (but not an RA position, ie no tuition paid)

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