Public Safety, Security and Emergency Services

  • Kelsey Andrews, PUPD Dispatcher

    Kelsey began her Purdue career as a student – while attending Purdue (and earning a bachelor’s in law and society with a minor in forensic science), she was a member of the Purdue Student Security Patrol for all four years. She then joined the Purdue University Police Department as an emergency services dispatcher, a role she’s held for six years. “I loved the environment and atmosphere and decided to stay. I enjoy working at Purdue because it feels like its own city within a city.”

  • Steve Puckett, Police Officer

    “The most rewarding part of my career is simply helping people. When I have helped someone at the end of the day, regardless of how small, it makes my day. That exact reason is a driving factor as to why I chose a career in law enforcement.”

  • Captain Keene Red Elk

    Police work is not easy work, but there are definite bright sides, as Captain Keene Red Elk notes, labeling community interaction as the most rewarding aspect of his job. “So much of law enforcement in general is responding in times of crisis which, unfortunately, makes the interactions negative and sometimes heartbreaking by nature. While we too have to respond to crisis, we are a very proactive department that works to interact with our community when there is not crisis, which, in turn by its positive factors, offsets the negativity that falls on the shoulders of the law enforcement community.”